Djokovic’s visa is withdraw again and on Saturday he will be arrested

The soap opera Novak Djokovic vs Australia follows and today the Federal Government has once again withdrawn the Serbian’s visa, so free movement in the country is running out. Tomorrow, Saturday, January 15, he has to report to the Federal Government offices at 8 in the morning to be arrested.

djokovic canceled the visa
Djokovic in his training for the AO – Getty Source

Nole’s lawyers have already started the judicial process, which must be held before Sunday to find out if he can finally play in the Australian Open on Monday, so he will remain in detention until the judge who released him, Anthony Kelly, decide whether to re-grant your visa or have you expelled from the country.

At the moment, the Serbian’s lawyers have alleged that the government has given different reasons to the first reissue of the visa than those given by the Australian Border Force, so until the moment this is decided in the trial we will continue with doubts whether or not Novak can play the Australian Open.

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